Vaping Regulation changes for 2016

Vaping Regulation changes for 2016

They’re at it again.

Our politicians do love to involve themselves with things some of us wish they’d keep right out of. They appear to be so frozen with fear that children will start vaping, that they continue to  put in place restrictions on life-saving vaping options for us past or current smokers. We need our e-cigarettes to help in the fight to quit tobacco. You would honestly think that government would support us.

Despite new studies showing vaping to be much healthier than smoking, the smear campaign will continue from those with vested interests. As cigarette sales continue to fall, the biggest threat to vaping will be from local and state governments forcing through new restrictions and taxes to prop up their expenditure plans.

Trying to predict the future of e-cigs and vaping in 2016, is practically impossible.

It’s getting harder  to find anything positive to say. While the vast majority of we vapers have been enjoying our new-found freedom from tobacco, attending festivals, sharing handchecks, feeling healthier, and spending the money we’ve saved, the professional anti-harm reduction crowd have quietly got on with their business.

In the EU, 28 member states are being ordered to cease all e-cig advertising from May, and misleading warnings will be slapped on e-liquid supplies, so much so that information on what the consumer is actually buying will be reduced to an almost illegible afterthought.

It is hard to imagine European governments deliberately killing the vape industry in their respective countries, but that could very well happen in May of 2016 when new directives for “tobacco products” take hold. It would take a miracle for any EU government to recognize that the products sold for vaping are not tobacco products. There isn’t much faith of a “Knight on a White horse” rushing in to save the day. I could be wrong, but I believe classifying vape gear and eliquid as tobacco products will become official and Europe will feel the pinch in a big way by years’ end.


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