Rick Drurys view on e-cigarettes (Rickety) Devils Lake, ND

Rick Drurys view on e-cigarettes (Rickety) Devils Lake, ND

My name is Rick and I was a regular smoker from age 15 until about a month ago. When I heard about e-cigarettes, I was very intrigued, I was wanting to quit smoking and was looking for a safe alternative to help me out,

I came across a brand at a gas station across the street from my apartment and I bought it, it was a little bit harsh and hard to vape at first, but the more I used it, the easier it got. I fell off the wagon and started smoking again and couldn’t really stop.

I was very desperate to quit and just wanted a way out of smoking that would be easy to transition into and gave me the same sensation so I branched out when I saw a friend of mine with a box mod that had a clearomizer tank on it, I was always interested in RDA (Rebuildable Deck Atomizer) type things, the sub-ohm vaping looked awesome and appealed to me a lot so I bought one with a mechanical mod and a 18650 Sony VTC3 and started vaping again along with smoking.

It wasn’t until I was given the KangerTech SubBox Mini Kit from my girlfriend at Christmas (who was a huge support system for me while struggling to quit smoking) that I cut out cigarettes almost altogether. I was able to produce the clouds that I was looking for, get the nicotine that I was addicted to and experience flavors that far out ranked traditional tobacco products.

I do still smoke every once in a while, socially mainly or when I get really stressed out, but I went from smoking almost a pack a day, down to smoking only ONE cigarette every 2-3 days!!! And the number of days between cigarettes keeps getting bigger and bigger!! Needless to say I was changed! I had more energy throughout the day, I gained back some of the weight that I lost, weight that I really needed and I don’t wake up with my mouth tasting like an ashtray anymore, now I wake up to the wonderful taste of strawberry kiwi yogurt or apple strudel, sometimes something called “Tasty Toots” a rice crispy treat flavor with hints of cereal and blueberry.

But the biggest boost to my overall health has to be that I don’t feel sluggish and run down, my breathing is so much better, I couldn’t even breath out of my nose while sleeping before I started vaping and now I sleep like a baby with my mouth shut because I don’t have to pull in so much oxygen to make up for my tar filled lungs.

The bottom line is this… Vaping… Helps… Smokers… I was a smoker for almost 10 years and all throughout the developing years of my late teens and early 20s, this solution is just that, a solution to the problem, I only use 3mg nicotine levels and that works for me and I want to cut it down to 0mg next month, but to say that vaping needs to be regulated with the same scrutiny as tobacco is ludicrous and will only make it harder for people like me who tried so desperately to quit and tried so many methods and was at our wits ends until we finally found out about the, dare I say, miracle of vaping.

Banning mechanical mods, RDAs, Box Mods, Clearomizers and all of the vaping paraphernalia that brings the vaping community together is just going to ruin more lives, mainly because vapers are serious in their efforts and aren’t afraid to start an underground black market to get their vaping materials, or worse try to make it themselves which would be extremely dangerous and could cause a lot of harm.

Please, to anyone out there who takes the time to read this, I know it’s lengthy, but please share your stories about how vaping helped change your life, let’s not back down and let’s rally together, the vaping community is strong and resilient and we need to tell the FDA that we will not go down without a fight.

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