coffee flavoured e-liquid

Coffee flavoured E-Liquid


Coffee e-liquid is made with the best coffee beans. It has a strong kick that wakes you up. A lingering, revitalising aroma.

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Product Description

Can anything beat the taste and heady flavour of a coffee first thing in the morning? There can be a wide range of vocabulary that is used to describe the tastes found in coffee. Descriptors range from the familiar (chocolatey, sweet, fruity) to the conceptual (clean, vibrant, sturdy) to the wildly esoteric (summery, racy, gentlemanly). I’ve heard coffees compared to Kevin Costner, Honda Accords, and cold winter nights.

But what the hell. Our coffee flavoured e-liquid tastes like you’ expect it too. It tastes like coffee!!

As with every other e-liquid we produce, there are up to six different nicotine strengths to help in that never ending battle to sate the craving. Give this one a try!

Additional Information

Nicotine Strength

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


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