Why we began

Our owner, Steve Finch had been a heavy, heavy smoker for nearly thirty years. But his health was starting to suffer. Shortness of breath, fatigue, a permanent cough and the knack of catching every cold going forced him into trying e-cigarettes.

He found it to be a revelation. Since that first puff he has never gone back to smoking tobacco, nor has he felt the urge or need too.

Like most of us, finding a reliable supplier of his favourite e-liquid was often difficult if not impossible. Stores may have the right flavour, but the wrong strength. Or, have the right strength, but wrong flavour. Often he couldn't get either the correct strength or flavour.

After two years he decided enough is enough, and Ecigge was set up and unleashed on the world. We're fully aware that there are hundreds of e-liquid suplliers out there, but not all live up to what they promise. Our business is built on quality, and unrivalled customer service.

Shop with total confidence!

Exciting Journey

We're new, but busting to hit the ground running by offering superb flavoured e-liquids, with unrivalled customer service. With that in mind, we have decided to have a maximum shipping cost of just €3.00. No matter how much you buy, you'll never pay more than the token shipping cost.

High quality is our main driver.

Our products are mixed, and manufactured in the UK, by one the largest UK manufactured E-Liquid brands. Unlike our competitor brands, which are mainly sourced from the far east, our quality control processes conform to the highest domestic and international health and pharmaceutical standards.

Also, we pride ourselves in having the strictest health management and quality control systems, which enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest products in the industry by far.

We invite you to try out our amazing value e-liquid flavours. It’s so simple to refill a cartridge when you are running low; only a few drops is all it takes. Our easy to use bottles makes the whole dispense processes swift. They all come with a specially designed bottle, which has a top that releases the liquid in drops so you can fully, and carefully, control how much you want to use. The bottles are also child proof.

Latest E-Liquids

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