Are their benefits to switching cigarettes for E-Cigarettes?

Are their benefits to switching cigarettes for E-Cigarettes?

People who know me and how much I smoked hold me in high regard. I was a hardened smoker who if I wasn’t smoking a cigarette was busy rolling one instead. You have to admit that it is a really nasty shitty habit that grips you, literally till you drop dead.

Having swapped cigarettes for e-cigarettes I do feel like a government guinea pig. They seem to be lurking in the background wringing their hands as to what to do. It doesn’t seem that difficult to me;

  1. Recognise that e-cigarettes are helping people stop smoking……for ever.

  2. Appreciate that that in turn will save health authorities billions in the future.

  3. Regulate what goes into e-liquids. None of us want to see any old rubbish put in our liquids. Regulation is a must.

  4. Make it law that only over 18’s can use e-cigarettes. But also know that under 18’s will still  smoke tobacco products just like they do now.

Being a guinea pig has been a risk. But one I have been very pleased to have taken as I feel there was no alternative for me. I can promise you that I would have smoked until I dropped; which could have been sooner rather than later given the way I was starting to feel.

For those smokers out there who still haven’t tried an e-cigarette, below are a few benefits I felt after the change. Hopefully, you will too.

  • Feeling nauseous for no reason stopped

  • Resting heart rate seemed so much calmer now

  • Sense of taste dramatically improved

  • I could stand up quickly from a squatting position and not feel as though I was going to pass out.

  • Reaction times improved.

  • My clothes, my house and my car no longer stank of that disgusting smell.

  • I became more confident

  • I was hitting the ground running in the mornings

  • Energy levels generally have improved

  • Waking up in the middle of the night struggling for breath STOPPED

  • I didn’t spend the first half hour each morning coughing excessively

  • During the day, I also coughed far less.

  • My ability to concentrate improved dramatically

  • I was more productive

  • Better circulation (feet weren’t so cold and I generally didn’t feel the cold as much)

  • Sense of smell has improved

  • My general outlook on life became more positive

  • Cuts and abrasions healing faster

  • Psoriasis has improved

  • What we saved from buying cigarettes, we used to rent a shop. That now makes €25k a year. So instead of spending €350 a week on cigarettes, we now make €25k a year with!!

I am living proof that switching cigarettes for e-cigarettes does change your life.  It’s really hard to relay in words how taking this action made such a big change in my life, and so quickly. I was expecting improvements to happen if it was going to work, but not so rapidly.

The above is my personal experience. Please check with your doctor before switching cigarettes for e-cigarettes.

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